By Chief Obaze

June 3, 2020

Man they say is defined by his integrity, his standing principles, his will and will not. Standing for the truth and being sincere that is; being sincere to oneself, never to derail from the right path just for money or fame is a logical way to define Integrity.
To further explain it, a successful man is only truly identified by his virteousness.

Today, the society and governance cannot be identified with the principles of integrity.

It must be accepted that integrity is a crucial and fundamental concept of good governance. To this end, there is only a thin and unobservable line between, integrity, ethic and corruption as one has to be watchfully on guard not to step out of the track of integrity unknowingly.

The concept of integrity is very important in all sectors of the society. Today the need for integrity is much needed or desired in governance because, it’s the stream that flows across all other sectors as most people would rather say.

This is most definite as governance relates in totality to politics, policies, managements as well as power and authority. Being the vehicle that drives and streamline these to the society, it is vital for governance to be founded on integrity.

A governance that is without integrity establishes a society that is filled with lawlessness and without the rule of law. There tend to be less choices for social justice, equity and good conscience.

So many nations have in various ways, degenerated to a nation, govern with less integrity and this has penetrated inestimatedly into their social systems.

Most politicians as well as leaders in various sectors have failed to recognise that thin line distinguishing integrity and dishonesty. We have seen lots of politicians allowed themselves to be blown by the wind of personal satisfaction and become so ambitious that they really forget their principle of individual integrity and uprightness they had preached in the first place.

A governance that is devoid of integrity fails to adhere strictly to the principles of the rule of law and at the same time ends up in under-developing the country. It is important to note that there is serious need for governance and integrity to be run in a corresponding lane as this will bring about trust by the governed.

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