By Millicent Umoru-O

The Federation of International Gender and Human Right (FIGHR) a Division of the Maternal Care Project of United Nations (UN) Women Gambia, New York held its 2020 cohort Fellowship on Gender Based and Human Rights Violence (GBV) Advocacy program.

Splash news gathered that the fellowship which is the first of its kind will be a joint venture, focusing on the development of the Global Ambassador Program as offered by Global Minds Connect (GMC) and Peer Advocacy Education Program as offered within FIGHR. This cohort offers to assist GMC and their pledge to educate and embark on ‘‘One Million Ambassadors’’ to help eradicate GBV and governing bodies of the African Union, ECOWAS and the United Nations in their effort of ending Gender Based Violence, internationally.

The Founder and Lead Advocate, FIGHR, Dr Ameena Ali, during the FIGHR 2020 Gender Based Violence Advocacy Fellowship organized to raise Global Youth Ambassadors said the mission of the fellowership, amongst others is to make sure there is a voice for all those affected by Gender based violence. Adding that the vision is to be a solution to GBV and empower the younger generations with education and knowledge in eradicating GBV.

Dr. Ameena said the inaugural meeting is to introduce the participants and also give an insight on what the 12 weeks training will entail.

adding that, the training will all be done virtually and after the training, participants will be certified as well as become Ambassadors for Gender Based Violence in their countries.

The virtual meeting featured participants from different countries, including Nigeria, Ghana, India, South Sudan, Afganistan etc.

She urged all to take the 12 weeks training seriously so as to be able to teach and advocate for the eradication of Gender Based Violence in their various countries. She noted that, a certificate will be issued at the end of the training

According to Dr. Ameena, after the 12 weeks training, Ambassadors will be required to go out and teach, enlighten as well as help people in both urban and rural areas to know more about Gender Based Violence and assist in eradicating it.

She further stated that the certificate will facilitate the registration of Non Governmental organisation (NGOs) and Community Service Organisations (CSOs), as that will help the ambassadors reach out to the needed audience. The training which started on 4th of August, 2020 will run till October 2020.

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  1. Gender Based Violence must be elaborate because it hindered the Development of World, let girl sleep with two eyes, if it disturbed it’s affect their future at all, every one must regulate the rules which planned for the one who make violence to be prisoned and pay same amount of money huge, to sustain the life of our sisters.

  2. GBV has been a difficult menace in our society, we seriously believe that the on going training of ambassadors will help heal our societies of this and give hope to those affected by it.
    This is a welcome development in our dear country Nigeria and I’m most happy to be a partaker in voicing and giving hope to the affected.

  3. The world is spotlighting SGBV as never before. I am committed to eradicating GBV in my community through the Emerging Genderplus Outreach Team, a non-profit organisation founded in 2018 to teach, and enlightening people in rural communities in Nigeria to speak to the causes of SGBV and how to eradicate the crime. We realise that Law Enforcement Agents cannot do this alone. As part of your community service, get engaged, be involved. Thank you FIGHR for proposing to assemble world class ambassadors against sexual violence.

  4. The motives of this units is good
    I hope that’s I could have the opportunity to extend it to my community that is Western Area Rural District becoz the gender base violence rate is great.

  5. Sexual and Gender Based Violence is becoming serious treat and a cancanworm in our sosieties curt across the world
    My country Sierra Leone is seriously following the trends
    Together we stand up and put an end to this culture
    Lets Stop GBV

  6. Sexual and Gender Based Violence must end in our society with collective efforts

    Together we stand up and put an end to this culture
    Lets Stop GBV

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