Owo Massacre: FG Has Shamed Us, Akeredolu Laments During Funeral

Tears flowed freely on Friday at the funeral mass for the victims of the June 5th terror attack at the Saint Francis Catholic Church,…

Tears flowed freely on Friday at the funeral mass for the victims of the June 5th terror attack at the Saint Francis Catholic Church, Owaluwa, Owo, Ondo State.

The state Governor, Rotimi Akeredolu (SAN) could not hide his emotions during the event held at the Mydas Resort and Hotel, Owo.

Akeredolu, who wept during his speech, said the government failed to protect the victims of the terror attack.

With families of the deceased and sympathizers shedding tears, the governor said the government had failed to protect the victims as well as the entire citizenry.

According to Akeredolu, who sobbed throughout his speech, the security architecture of the country needs overhauling.

The event was attended by the Governor’s wife, Betty, former Governor Mimiko among other dignitaries.

Akeredolu said, “What has happened to us in Owo, Ondo State is indescribable. I still believe that there is no word to describe what happened. We have 22 of the deceased victims in this hall as some of them had been buried.

“At the last count, these animals murdered 40 people. We have failed to defend this people. We have failed in the aspect of security. These forces of evil won’t be victorious over us.

“Akeredolu is a strong soldier. He didn’t fail, he tried his best to protect everyone. We are not used to this and no one can get used to this. What does it take for every state to have state police? Those who allow this situation to happen have blood in their hands.

“Nigerians, you didn’t fail, the country failed you as well as the leaders who paved way for this. Nigerians must claim this country back from those who are destroying it.

“For those behind this, tell us what the anger is and not taking this route. If it is the way the Gov is protecting his people, tell us. The war they are fighting is not won this way. Nobody wins a war this way. You only win this kind of war by supporting your children and sending them to school.

“You can’t dominate us in Yoruba land with guns because we will always approach you with goodness. FG has shamed us. We are not proud of you.”

On his part, the Bishop Of Sokoto Diocese, Hassan Kukah stated that “We remain hopeful about the future of our country which is in the hands of God.

“Where we are now is not Nigeria, we don’t recognize our country any longer but again we have no where to turn to except to look up to God.

“We are prayerfully hoping on the power of God because more than any person can talk about. We call on our people to remain strong.”

In his message during the funeral mass, the Catholic Bishop of Oyo Diocese, Most Rev Emmanuel Badejo said “For how much longer shall this continue? How many more must to die? Buhari must wake up, sit up and protect the lives of Nigerians.

“We Nigerians must take our country back to the path of righteousness. May God Almighty caused the evil doers to repent. Only God knows why this is happening. Only God can comfort us.”

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