Let youths constitute 50% of your cabinet – APC N’west youth leader begs Tinubu

 As part of effort to ensure effective integration of the young ones into decision-making processes and create a  representative governance structure, the All Progessives Congress, APC Northwest youth leader, Abdulhamid Umar Moh’d has urged President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s to let youth constitute 50 percent of his cabinet.

In a statement by Moh’d, he said  the youths contributed significantly to the victory of the APC at all levels, and they deserve to be included in schemes of governing the country.   “The victory of the APC and president Tinubu is, in part, a result of the youth’s concerted efforts and support. Recognizing their contributions would encourage more young individuals to actively participate in politics, thereby creating a more inclusive and representative democracy,” he noted.

He argued that apart from  bridging  the generation gap between the government and the youth, the concerns, interests, and aspirations of the young ones  will be adequately represented in the government by having some of them in the cabinet. 

Moh’d reeled who out the contribution of youths  to include active participation and Mobilization added that, the presence of youth in president Tinubu’s administration will  inject fresh perspectives and innovative strategies into the campaign process. 

According to him, “the youth of Nigeria showcased an unprecedented level of active participation and mobilization during the 2023 elections. They actively campaigned, organized rallies, and utilized various social media platforms to disseminate information, engage with fellow citizens, and promote the ideals and agenda of the APC. This vibrant and energetic participation demonstrated their dedication and commitment to fostering positive change within the country’s political landscape.

” The youth injected fresh perspectives and innovative strategies into the campaign process. With their technologically adept skills, they harnessed the power of digital platforms to reach a wider audience, facilitating meaningful conversations and promoting political discourse. Their ability to adapt to changing circumstances, employ creative campaign tactics, and utilize social media platforms effectively played a crucial role in shaping public opinion and garnering support for the APC and Tinubu.

 “The youth have long been recognized as catalysts for social change. They embody the aspirations and hopes of the nation, advocating for progressive policies and demanding accountability from their leaders. Through their involvement in the APC’s electoral journey, they have proven their commitment to transforming Nigeria into a better nation. Their passion, energy, and desire for a brighter future make them deserving of recognition and rewards.

“By actively engaging in the political process, the youth have signaled their determination to shape the country’s political landscape. Their votes, opinions, and voices matter greatly, as they represent the future of Nigeria.”

He  maintained that  rewarding the youth for their efforts in the APC’s victory will foster a sense of empowerment and inclusion as well as  demonstrate that their contributions are valued and appreciated, paving the way for their continued involvement in shaping the nation’s future.

“Youths actively contributed to helping Tinubu become president can be considered deserving of the position in his administration.

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