In the heart of Adamawa State, nestled within the sprawling landscapes of the Southern Senatorial Zone, lies the vibrant town of Numan. For decades, this historic region has been a beacon of education, boasting a rich heritage of missionary schools and a fervent commitment to learning.

Now, a new chapter is set to unfold as the dream of establishing the Federal University of Education Numan inches closer to fruition.

The late monarch, Hama Bachama Col. Honest Irmiya Stephen, whose name adorns this noble endeavor, undoubtedly gazes down from the heavens with pride as the wheels of progress turn. His vision of nurturing a hub of academic excellence in his beloved Numan Federation is on the brink of becoming a reality.

In a poignant tribute to his enduring legacy and unwavering commitment to education, the forthcoming Federal University of Education Numan is set to be christened in honor of the late monarch, Hama Bachama Col. Honest Irmiya Stephen.

This decision not only pays homage to his visionary leadership but also ensures that his name becomes synonymous with the pursuit of academic excellence and the empowerment of future generations.

The Senator representing Adamawa Southern Senatorial Zone, Senator Binos Dauda Yaroe, a stalwart advocate for education and progress, has spearheaded the charge in the hallowed chambers of the Senate. With unwavering determination, he navigated the bill for the university’s establishment through the intricate channels of legislative scrutiny.

Despite past setbacks, including former President Muhammadu Buhari’s reluctance to give assent, Senator Yaroe’s resolve remains unshaken as he re-presented the bill again in the 10th Assembly.

The significance of this milestone cannot be overstated, particularly for the Southern Senatorial Zone, the largest in the nation with nine local government areas. Despite its size and historical prominence, the absence of a higher institution of learning has been a glaring gap in the educational landscape.

Numan’s legacy as a pioneer in education is deeply ingrained in its narrative. From the conversion of missionary schools to government institutions to the establishment of the first female boarding school in Northern Nigeria in 1926, the town has been a trailblazer in educational reform. Missionary schools such as Numan Teachers College, Villanova Secondary School, and Bronnum Secondary School have left an indelible mark on generations of students.

The proposed Federal University of Education Numan promises to build upon this rich legacy, providing a platform for scholarly pursuits and intellectual growth. With a focus on teacher training and educational research, it seeks to address the evolving needs of Nigeria’s educational landscape.

As the bill progresses towards fruition, it symbolizes more than just the establishment of a university; it embodies the resilience and determination of a community dedicated to shaping the future. The support of the current administration is paramount, as it holds the key to unlocking the doors of opportunity for countless aspiring students.

Senator Binos Dauda Yaroe’s unwavering dedication to the establishment of the Federal University of Education Numan will be etched as a milestone of progress and transformation. His tireless advocacy and steadfast commitment to advancing education have been instrumental in bringing this visionary project to fruition.

Senator Yaroe’s leadership exemplifies the spirit of service and innovation, and his efforts will leave an indelible mark on the landscape of education in Nigeria. As the journey towards realizing this noble endeavor continues, Senator Binos Dauda Yaroe’s legacy will stand tall, a beacon of inspiration for generations to come.

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