Easter: Catholic Group, NCS Chaplain take’s Message of Hope to Correctional Centre, Suleja.

Feed Inmates

In a deliberate move to comply with the biblical teachings of Jesus
Christ, a faith group, the Compassionate Family in collaboration with
the Catholic Chaplaincy of the Nigerian Correctional Centre, Abuja on
Thursday embarked on a one day ‘Feed the Prisoner’ Campaign visit to
the Suleja Correctional Centre, where they also preached the message
of hope and salvation to the inmates.

The Very Reverend Father Victor Nyoroh, who led the team for the
charity said the visit was part of spiritual activities to mark the
2024 Easter Celebrations.

He called on Nigerians to lend hand of
fellowship to inmates, across correctional centres in the country,
adding that inmates are part of humanity and need our collective support.

Rev. Nyoroh encouraged the inmates to allow themselves to pass through
rehabilitation period saying that all hope is not lost,
according to him, they still have a lot to offer the nation, only if
they go through the rehab process and learn from the past mistakes.

The Clergyman, who reaffirmed his commitment to always pray for them,
also advised youths to run away from crime, as it will do them no
good than bad.

Also Speaking, the representative of the Comptroller, Imam of the
Nigerian Correctional Centre, National Headquarters, Abuja, Muhammad
Nasir Datti, who was part of the visit also encouraged the inmates to
draw closer to their maker, just as he advised Christians and Muslims
to see themselves as one united family and the need to always live in
harmony for the betterment of the country.

Answering questions from Journalists, President of St. Vincent De’
Paul, St. Martin Catholic Church, Lugbe Sir Venatius Nkwezea, who said
they were at the centre on behalf of SSVP, Abuja Central Council,
maintained that some inmates may be innocent of the crimes levelled
against them, which also formed part of the visit aimed at encouraging

He therefore called on the political class to stop impoverishing and taking
advantage of the masses even as he linked political crisis as reasons
why some of them find themselves, in the prison.

Also adding her voice, Clara Daramola, a member of the Compassionate
Family, emphasized on the need for the inmates to always bear in mind
that, there is life after prison and that they should plan for their future.

She affirmed that the smiles emanating from the faces of the inmates
were a clear indication that even while in prison, the society still
cares for them, hence the joy unspeakable.

A media Consultant and Founder of Drum Majors for Peace, owners of the
International Food Heroes Agency, Ambassador Paul Nsikan, commended the
According to him, this is not the first time and will not
be the last time the charity campaigns will end, as it will be a continuous thing to do.

Theme of the Campaign: “Feed A Prisoner.”

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