Grace Personified: First Lady Hajiya Lami Ahmadu Umaru Shines Bright in Son’s Traditional Title Conferment Ceremony”

The recent conferment of traditional titles upon Hamidu Ahmadu Umaru, the first son of Adamawa State Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri, was a momentous occasion filled with grandeur and significance. The Hama Batta, Homon Alhamdu Gladstone Teneke, led a splendid ceremony to honor Hamidu and others.

In the midst of this celebration, the presence of the First Lady of Adamawa State, Hajiya Lami Ahmadu Umaru, was a testament to her unwavering support for her son and heir apparent to the number one family. Hajiya Lami graced the occasion with poise, embodying the essence of grace and strength.

Beyond this public recognition, Hajiya Lami’s dedication to her family shines brightly. Her continuous and active support for her family members reflects not only her role as the First Lady but also her genuine commitment to fostering unity and success within her family.

In the rich tapestry of the Adamawa State’s leadership, Hajiya Lami Ahmadu Umaru stands out as an exemplary figure—a beacon of compassion, strength, and devotion. Her influence extends beyond the public eye, making her not just a First Lady but a true matriarch, an example of a good mother.

In applauding Hamidu’s achievements, let us also celebrate and honor Hajiya Lami Ahmadu Umaru for her invaluable contributions to the well-being and success of her family.

During the ceremony, Hamidu Ahmadu Umaru was turbaned as Kurmo Batta, meaning ‘The Shield’ of Batta Kingdom—a title that not only signifies honor but also reinforces his role as a protector.

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