”GOVERNMENT, PROVIDE INTERNET BUSINESS HUB for young business owners” Dr. Fadila

By Millicent Umoru-Osakwua

The Nigerian Youth Compact on Covid-19 (NYCC-19) yesterday held an interactive section with Youths from across the states of the Federation (Nigeria) on the 3rd edition of ‘ONE STOP YOUTH TALK’ a weekly Webinar program, which streams Live on Facebook organised by the NYCC-19 and anchored by the Head of Publicity, Millicent Umoru-Osakwua.

Speaking on the webinar program, Dr. Fadila Abubakar Sodangi, lecturer from the Nasarawa State University Keffi, who is also a senior Counsel Sodangi A. Danso &Co. Legal Practitioners while speaking on the topic: Impact of Covid-19 on Young Business Owners focused on the social business activities as well as the oil sector. she said that the country has produced more oil than it can use as a result of the lock down, people don’t go out hence the oil that has been produced is not used. she added that government at all level should restructure their policy to enable the Youths measure up to world standard on Technology. adding that the government should consider setting up a free internet business hub to enable Nigerians most especially the youths who are business owners to be able to advertise their business online so as to attract customers to patronize their them.

Amb. Musa Idris, speaking on the topic from Niger State said as a result of the lock down farmers are unable to get access to fertilizer which enhances their farming, he added that Corona Virus pandemic has done more than good to all sector of the nation’s economy.

In a related development, Winifred Emmanuel who spoke from Gombe State said, Covid-19 has affected her business a great deal. ”i am a fashion designer, i am required to have a one on one interface with my customer, but as a result of the lock down, i can’t get in contact with clients, all i do now is create a customer trust” she added.

Patriot Franklyn Eigbadon, Commandant, Peace Corps of Nigeria, Edo State Command stating a way forward said, young entrepreneurs whose businesses has been affected should think of ways of partnering and going into alliances with business owners so as to cushion the effect of the Virus.

Comrade Lukman Salahudeen, Head of Assessment and Economic Impact of NYCC-19 said necessary measures are being put in place to help soften the adverse effect of Covid-19 on Nigerian most especially young business owners.

The Chairman of the Compact, Comrade Gambo Haruna said, the essence of the Nigerian Youth Compact on Covid-19 is to collate data of unemployed youths in Nigeria as well as data of Youth that have been displaced of their jobs as a result of Corona Virus Pandemic for humanitarian intervention during this period of covid-19.

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  2. This is a welcome development

  3. The Muhammadu Buhari led government has alot to set in motion toward rebuilding the nation with the current difficulties Nigerians are facing amidst Covid-19 pandemic. Ofcourse an internet business hub for Nigerian business owners will help in a long way to eliviate the current situation, there is also a strong need to look into the livelihood of very less privileged Nigerians who has also been affected directly by the pandemic.
    To this end the government should at this time set up a committee for economy revival as a matter of urgency.

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